Fishing Further

Fishing Further

Year 26 + 1

May 1st marked the one year birthday of our website. It's a milestone for sure however, the back story that got us here was 26 years in the making. It's a long story that I might endeavor to write out at some point if it would interest you. For now, it's the next 26 years that interest me.

So, as I think ahead for the next year to come, and all of the gears that have been set in motion, it's a bit like palming the reel on a running fish: Though your efforts to control the thing are necessary, there is a thrill in feeling the power of something pulling on the end of the line. If it were easy, it would become boring. If it were mastered, it would defeat the purpose.

Cheers to all of you who love to fish and are as obsessed with every facet of the sport as I am. Loose yourself in it. Find yourself in it. And together, we are Fishing Further.

Best Regards,

Dan Jazdzewski, CAST Tackle Systems

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