About us

There are a lot of great fishing products out there. So why would I endeavor to create another line of outstanding fishing products if it's already been done? The simple answer is because, I can't help it. It's just my personality to do things myself, customize things to suit me, and to economize (hack) things to greater efficiency.

Since one of my passions is fishing, my fishing gear has always been scrutinized and tweaked to meet my demanding yet frugal needs.

So, I began designing fishing bags and testing them all over the USA and a few other countries! From the flats of Belize to my home waters in San Diego, we have chased and caught every fish species we can. 


The results are what I believe to be the best fishing tackle pack designs and accessories paired with them. My efforts in creating this website are to share them with you.

Our products are ready for salt water, fresh water, alpine springs, to urban runoff. Anywhere, any time, any condition, any species. 

I will continue to add new items as I find them. Only those items that are durable,  efficient,  and  economical will be for sale on this website and will be personally endorsed by me.

Your friend,

Dan Jazdzewski